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10 Things to do in Winter:


1. Snuggle up with a movie
2. Catching up on these TBR lists/books
             (Here is my current TBR list: 4 Books on my June TBR )

3. Relaxing with a nice hot tea/hot chocolate
4. Pyjama weekends doing absolutely nothing but relax
5. Finally having the time to do these craft projects –
    >> this winter (2016)  it is crocheting) <<

Currently I am making these cute Fox Fingerless Gloves for my daughter upon special request:

    Fox r-hand
She found the pattern here: Fox Fingerless Gloves – Crochet Pattern and I will review this one as soon as I have finished the other half!
6. Trying to learn video games the kids insist I must play:
e.g. Eragon for Nintendo DS, SIMS4 on PC

7. Catching up on favourite TV shows:

Game of Thrones S6 and Outlander S2 are on my must-watch list

8. Get the slow cooker out for some great hearty stews like this one: 

slow cooker beef stew
  (Photo by: Aido)
9.   Work on some posts for my blog 🙂
10. Clean out those long-overdue cupboards and wardrobes.