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And finally, here is another crochet post – I have been pretty busy lately.

While I was waiting at the Doctors late in February I started a project where I just wanted to test a pattern. An easy one – but I didn’t quite know what it might look like.


At the time the Doctor decided to book me in for a day procedure just as precaution. That happened early this month and again I knew that there was some waiting involved so I took it again. And here is the result which is a small blanket and I have no idea yet what to do with as we do not have any babies in the immediate family. I was thinking of donating it but who knows. I did lose track of the edges a little at the end so it has increased slightly πŸ™‚ but here is the end result:

I had fun making it as there was no difficulty involved. And by using my left-over yarn I do not feel so bad when the stash gets slightly bigger πŸ™‚


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Footy is back….

AFL that is.

Season 2017 of Australian Rules Football will start tomorrow.

footy start

It is so exciting to now being able to look forward to 23 rounds of awesome games. The break was long enough and true fans are yearning to get started.

Just to let you know, this is my team which we support with 4 memberships for the last 9-10 years: St. Kilda FC or as we called the Saints (the Red White and Black).