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Journal haul

I might be just a little crazy :-). I now have accumulated a few Journal Notebooks and even went so far as to get two big pencil cases. I needed to house my gel pens, pencils, tapes and such and unfortunately I couldn’t get the one I really wanted as they are not shipped to Australia.


This black case I purchased off Amazon and I love it.


The following purple case I had found in a local shop, I did put the stickers on to give it a personal touch 🙂




And here are my notebooks but I am yet to make up my mind which one to use next.


The cute little traveler’s retro        The notebook on the left             The blue book is a gift       notebook to the left I bought           came all the way from                  from my son. The green  on eBay. Even has a matching         Germany.It is a “SoftTouch”     book is a Claire Fontaine, ruler.                                                         192 blank white pages, 32           192 white blank pages.

The pink one has Mandala                                                                                       pages amongst blank white                                                                       pages.

I need to note that the red “SoftTouch” and the blue “Make It Happen”book are hard cover notebooks, whilst the other three are soft covers.

All in all, I have been “journalling” now since 9 September, so just over two month and I am still enjoying it. This however I only achieved while realising that I should not be my journals slave but rather the journal should be my assistant. If I have nothing to write into it – that’s fine. However, I do enjoy preparing for the cming week on Sunday afternoon or night.

And of course – I like it best when big family events happen such as my daughters engagement while she was overseas on holidays leaving with her boyfriend and returning with a fiance ♥. The pages then take a rapid artistic turn with stickers, washi tape and sometimes my own drawing.

That’s it for now. Take care and stay safe xx J.

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