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Bullet Journal

I have just discovered this craze called “Bullet Journal“. Well, about 5 weeks ago. In these  5 weeks I have learned to keep changing it to suit my needs and habits, I have made two (yes, not one but two) covers for it. I mean, I never have been making things with my sewing machine (just fixing things, mainly shortening denims or other pants).

Now I have made two! Below is the cover I use at the moment:

I spent an enormous amount of dollars on stickers, pens, washi tape



and different journals. I have watched some amazing “BuJo experts” on how to make the BuJo (Bullet Journal) my own. Mine is probably not so much a BuJo but just a journal I enjoy using and playing with. As I am still developing it I am just using a very cheap spiral book.

As you can see; my pages are nothing like some of the gorgeous journal designs you can see all over the internet. But I get it; it has to suit me and my needs and so far I am still using it 🙂

I actually do have a couple of pages in the back reserved for my son in the event that we have to go out and he gets bored. As he is an excellent artist when it comes to drawings he is allowed to doodle in these special sections if he is inclined to do so.

If you want to find out more I have linked to the original BuJo page which will explain the basics and origins as well. There are hundreds and hundreds of ideas to be found all over Pinterest, Instagram and the internet in general.

So there you have it. Stay organised and plan ahead with your own version of the BuJo or another form of planner. Which do you prefer?

Take care and stay safe – J. xx


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