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August Craft Choice – Key Rings

I made these key rings / fobs and actually really really enjoyed it.


First decide what size you want to make them; I chose 1 inch width and approximately 9 inch in length (give or take – it really only matters if it is supposed to fit a wrist).

What you will need:

Key ring hardware, at least a key fob and additionally a key split ring:

                                            61VENhELLEL._SL1500_ (2)                                61VENhELLEL._SL1500_ (3)

I found both on eBay (different sellers)

The key fob with the split ring – 25 sets at just under $18 incl. postage.

Later I will also use a D-Ring in the other end (20 pieces at $5 free postage):     Wholesale-Freeshipping-50-Pcs-lot-Inside-Diameter-25-MM-Metal-Silvery-font-b-D-b-font

 You will also need some cotton webbing that needs to be the width of your hardware fobs, in my case 1 inch:

Cotton webbing

– I started with 1 meter each of red, black and white (this made about 4 each)

Then comes the fun part where you can let your creativity thrive; the ribbons. As long is it is a bit thinner then your base cotton nearly anything goes. You can use fabric ribbon, some leftover fabric cut to size and even lace will make it pretty.

If you want to make the sewing easier you can iron the ribbon with fusible tape to the webbing; I just used pins.

Next you sew the ribbon to the cotton, make sure you use a heavy-duty needle unless you are happy to change the regular needle once you are done (it is fine to use it). Once I had my first few done, I figured that they look better if the bobbin thread matches the cotton webbing (red, white or black) and the sewing thread the ribbon. The latter can also be different to make the design more interesting.

Having finished all the sewing on, trim the ends to make them nice and even.

Now grab your hardware, fold your sewn piece of cotton in half with the ribbon showing outside. Using a pair of pliers that are taped so they do not leave any marks on the metal of the fob, gently squeeze the fob to trap the cotton neatly and tight. Add the split ring and voila – finished.

They are a really fun project and I cannot wait to make some more as now I have a few orders for footy-coloured pieces.

And – looking at my versions in the first picture there may even some “manly” key rings in the collection.

So, peeps – there you have it. Hope this inspires one or two to try this project.

Until then as always, stay safe xx J



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