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Just a little rant

This post really wasn’t planned but I am so angry.

Here is the thing; we have one gas heater in the house which was installed 8 years ago and suddenly broke down last Saturday.

One technhnician came and tested 1 1/2 hours but couldn’t find a fault. He also reckons that the 8-year old unit is actually very old and has been installed and available since 1988. Well – thanks a lot.

We finally got hold of the bloke that did install it and he wanted to come and have a look two days ago saying also “no worries, I know where to get parts blah blah”. He didn’t come but rescheduled for the next day – yesterday. Didn’t hear a thing and hasn’t rocked up.

Thankfully there is always work ethic if it means to make the big bucks. The guy to quote a new ducted system has just left and it is arranged to go ahead – with 5 – 7 more days without heating.

What is your experience? Love to know.

Stay safe peeps xx



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