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Pets and an unusual rescue

Animal Rescue

For a while now I was thinking of perhaps having guest posts on my blog but then this following story presented itself via my cousin (we are really much closer in mind and spirit; more like siblings).

So I asked and got permission to actually write about this great story.

To start off, my cousin Sylvio and his partner always rescued puppies. He met his partner when she had a little black fluff called “Filou”. Filou came along with Christiane and always walked nicely on a leash…until Sylvio actually tested the “no leash” walk using his voice only. Let’s just say Filou was a very fast learner and it is probably safe to say he loved the free run-around.

After Filou came little Bottel. If I recall correctly he was saved from an animal trader at a Belgian market in Liege. Wasn’t he a little heart breaker? When I made the long trip from Australia to Germany to visit my family with my two children; one was 10 and the other just shy of 3 years old Bottel behaved very very possessive and protective towards us. But he did calm down and made great friends with the kids.


Unfortunately he too went over the rainbow last year and is now likely to have met his predecessor Filou and hopefully they are both having a super time

Meanwhile back on earth; this nearly broke my cousin as it happened at an inopportune time when all and everything went wrong. He had to make decisions on his own and just hope he will be understood and forgiven later. I was sad that I couldn’t be there to assist him. As always though he did pull through it and faster than I could mention it a new addition joined his family.

While his partner was recovering from a serious condition and subsequent emergency surgery and Sylvio was terribly lonely after Bottel went for his “forever walk” my dear cousin cruised the internet and stumbled upon the Animal Rescue Tierhilfe Korfu which is helping animals on the second largest Ionian Greek isle, Corfu. The island is a popular tourist and holiday destination of Germans and Europeans in general.

Sylvio found a new fury baby fairly quickly. Freddy is his name and he arrived via plane and a volunteer flight attendant in October last year at the airport in Düsseldorf, Germany.

He is the “King” in my cousin’s household and has the time of his life. He has walks/runs and plays on the nearby fields not far from where he lives. He wraps even our 98-year old Grandma right around his paw.


A little update from Freddy’s parents on the shelters website can be found here (just scroll until you find him Freddy 06/2016).

Freddy to me is a life-saver and joined the family at just the right time. I hope I will meet him someday personally and have a little play.

If you or anyone you know lives in Germany or Europe and wish to help out by adopting a pet, contact the shelter here.

Be warned though, there are very strict requirements and regulations before you are approved and rightfully so. This “Tierheim” (animal shelter) has taken on a monumental task and does a terrific job. However, as it is all over the world (even here in Oz), there is never enough funding while the animals just keep pouring in.

So, even if you are unable to adopt, here is the link to donate – even a little can make a difference:

Or if you do not wish to make direct monetary donations, the shelter has established    a wishlist on Amazon – check it out and perhaps this is the way you feel you want to help.

There are also flight attendants needed (they accompany the animal on their flight to their new and hopefully forever home).

Note: the website links and all their contents are in German as the shelter is run by Germans 🙂 .

I hope you too have , can or will make a difference in an animals life.

Until then, stay safe and take care. J xx


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