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Quiz: The Tudors



Henry VIII and his famous break from the Catholic Church have fascinated me for a long time. This real historic character and the second monarch of his dynasty never ceases to amaze me . The knowledge that can be attained about the Tudor history seems to be endless. Intrigue, politics, religion, games, arts, matrimony and of course power all have had massive impacts on the lives of those close to the Tudor courts. It never really matters how close or friendly you may be with the King and/or Queen (somewhat), keeping your head was never a given.

I will hopefully have some more opportunities to write about this – one of my favourite times in history (admittedly only because I am not in medieval times).

But to introduce you to it a little, click the link below and take the the quiz I have collated and had much fun doing it:

How well do you know the Tudors?

Let me know how you did?


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