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CROCHET – This winter’s craft choice.

crochet pattern review #1


Now with the Winter finally here it is time again to start or finish some craft projects while enjoying some down time in front of the heater or snuggled up on the couch. And although this review wasn’t on my “to blog” list it did come quite easily once I was nudged about it.

So here it is:

Fox Fingerless Gloves by Chiwei  (using my own successful picture 🙂 )

Fox r-hand

First and foremost a huge “Thank You” to Chiwei for releasing this free pattern on her blog. It was found by my daughter (The Fifth Life) while she was looking for some fingerless wrist warmers to take on her Europe trip later this year. Luckily for her, I am back into the crocheting circle and whilst I am on a bigger project (a 15-colour blanket for which I may do a review down the track) a smaller in-between job was a welcome distraction.

So, after having a look at the little fox 🙂 and printing off the pattern we met for breakfast that followed with a visit to the local wool store (Mooroolbark Wool). And here the review begins:

1. Chiwei is an American and therefore I had to take the different crochet stitches and measurements into account. Why they are not the same universally – who knows. But there are loads of comparison charts to be found online for you hookers/crocheters that get easily confused like myself.

2. Most wool brands and / or sizes are not easily available in the Australian market. For example, I needed to find a comparison to the specified wool and to top it off 10-ply isn’t very common here. But with the expertise of the friendly staff at the shop we figured it out and used:

Sirdar Supersoft Aran 10 Ply

– WHITE:  Sirdar Supersoft Aran 10-Ply White

– DARK ORANGE/RUSTY: Sirdar Supersoft Aran 10-Ply Code 0913

I believe it was the last ball 🙂

– DARK GREY: Sirdar Supersoft Aran 10-Ply Code 0905

Appears to be also sold out.

And looking at the Sirdar website, the last two colours seem to be discontinued.

For the black eyes and nose I just used my existing 8-ply Carnival yarn as the pattern really requires just a little. But I probably will top-stitch over it to make the eyes, nose and toes a little more present.

3. The hooks (4.5mm and 5.0mm) were easy enough but I am not going to get different tools if what I have is sufficient for the moment.  However if you are just starting out and need to buy the tools anyway I do recommend to purchase ergonomic hooks though as your hands and wrists no doubt will thank you for it later.

Now with all the tools and the pattern printed;

4. Here are my failures:

a – I failed to read the pattern properly in that I was supposed to turn it upside-down and read it right to left, so I only did the latter and wondered why my fox tail didn’t quite wrap the correct way. So I would have liked the pattern written the correct way even if it meant to look upside-down on paper but at least it would have made sense at the start

b – Coming back to the conversion of the stitches, the pattern stipulated DC for the Rd 2 stitches but I made them actually SC as I had no idea that the designer was located in the US until I researched more later, so it would have been beneficial to note this in the pattern

c – A beginner’s mistake (which I count myself to be): my stitch count incorrectly increased while making errors along the way with the newly learned stitches and colour changes.

Below is the picture with my first try full of errors. You can see where it curls, this is where I used SC instead of the correct DC stitch. Also you may notice the tail doesn’t quite wrap around:

error fox

5. Here are my achievements while doing the first one again:

a – I learned a new foundation stitch that replaces the chain and second row single stitch which I will use in all my works from now on.

b – I figured out how to stay on stitch count while doing the work in rounds (rows are easy compared to rounds)

c – I learned two additional new stitches; the fpsc “front post single crochet” and fpdc “front post double crochet”. However I would have liked to not have to research what they are and rather preferred a stitch abbreviation key to be included.

Overall, I very much enjoyed creating this “foxy” glove; the right-hand glove – yep I have only finished the first half 🙂 and am happy to say that my finished product actually looks exactly like the original.

So peeps, there you have it.

If you think you have a great pattern that is worth having a look at and create let me know in the comments and I will make sure to check it out.




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