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4 Books on my June TBR

BOOKS - May 2016

Here we go – hoping this will become a monthly posting:
What I have been reading in May and some reviews:
Currently there are FOUR books on my “reading” list:
1. Catherine of Aragon by Garret Mattingly:
                      This one I may have to re-visit as it is on this list for the last two years

2. Mary Tudor by Mary J. Richards:
Similar to the first book I may have been reading a little too much about the whole
Tudor dynasty in too little time

3. Outlander #7: An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon:
I loved the first three, didn’t have a problem to get through the fourth and fifth but starting the sixth was becoming a bit tough. The story lines are very very detailed; I mean daily life: day-by-day is diarised (did I just make that word up?) So I am not too certain if and when I will be finishing this – knowing that it isn’t the last book either.

4. Throne of Glass #3: Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas:
This one I just started on Saturday and I have written a small review on what I think so far on Goodreads – you can read it here.

A bit more about the background:

I remember being shown the series on my Mother’s Day outing by my daughter on the 6th of this month while Dymocks had a “3 for 2” special. But knowing nothing about it I bought the first book to see how I’d go. Then I checked into Goodreads for some reviews and my goodness, recommendations were for “teenagers/young adults depending on maturity”. It is probably a correct assumption considering the style of writing and maturity is a factor if recommending to that age group.

May I say that my children are 21 and 13 but I am the one starting the third (!) book?!

To me it really depends on your interests and if the story captures you; I have read the whole “Game of Thrones” series before the TV series came to life, I read all “Eragon” and “Harry Potter”  books and likely will do so again, I also read anything factual about the “Tudors” and the “Holocaust” and last but not least I also read romances. In short I usually will have started at least 4 books at any one time of different genres – all depending on my mood (I haven’t mentioned any business-related literature as this is ought to be my personal blog).
So here it goes: Celaena Sardothien is a hero in my eyes with loads of darkness, secrets and characteristics which she will pull out one by one all the while capturing the reader with her adventures.
Bestselling author Tamora Pierce said:
“Celaena is as much an epic hero as Frodo and Jon Snow”
– and I wholly agree. Just because I am an adult doesn’t mean I am not mature if I read fantasy – does it?
This series has it all; assassins, faes, witches, fairies, dark creatures, good & bad and most of all heart, courage as much as cowardliness and cruelty. The main character looks to have many hurdles to overcome and the author uses a new book for each major life change. Thus having clean story lines that allow to introduce new characters and still continue the tale from the very beginning.
So, while I am still enthralled in the series this will be my book of choice going into June …hang tight as I may yet finish all 5 books before the next month is out and then I will tell you if I still recommend it.
I once saw a graphic which said:
“That moment when you’re reading a book and the whole world around you does not exist anymore.”
When that happens I know I have a great book in my hands.

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