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Beauty – My nails emergency

My nails are close to being destroyed. Due to some circumstance outside of my control I am having to have 4 weeks between appointments. Just so you know – I am loving my SNS nails; they are long and almond-shaped and just adorable.
Luckily I am not working a lot with hot water (thanks to the modern dish washer and other appliances) as I was told that SNS may not survive if subjected to water continuously. However accidents happen even without water! I actually had my right thumbnail on fire; literally lit up in a flame. Lighting a candle with three wicks using an ordinary cigarette lighter is definitely not recommended. Instead use a gas lighter or candle matches. That nail now is on its path back to catching up on length.
Currently my left middle nail is broken right on the nail bed and I have no idea how that may be fixed by my expert technician on Friday. Can’t wait to see what she recommends.
My Nail Emergency
Previously I had acrylic for years but since trying SNS I fear that option cannot be considered anymore. Much more bulky, thicker and unnatural looking than the SNS which are actually your own nails powder-coated.
I am blessed to have a great technician who even with limited tools and accessories manages to “spice” them up if want her to “decorate” some. Depending on upcoming events I might want my ring finger nails to have some artwork.
There are some great inspirations online by other technicians all around the world.
My favourite on Instagram: @NailsByCambria
So, I am looking forward on getting it all fixed again and if i am happy with the outcome I may update with a photo.
Until then take care, stay safe and smile and know that I am always interested to hear others experiences or see their fab nails so go on I dare you to show me. xx
By the way: SNS = Signature Nail System
There is a great article here explaining this advanced system and how to look after your beautiful new nails.

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